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Wedding Photographer in Upstate New York

Hi, I'm Blake

I'm the photographer that creates space for real moments to occur.

The wedding industry seems to miss the whole point of a wedding these days and I see how it affects couples. It stresses them out by focusing on the decor, the food, or even a photography shot list. We should reset our mindset and focus on the relationships with the people most care for. I look to re-invent the way weddings are thought of, or even take weddings back to the time when they were much simpler. By focusing on the people rather than the things, weddings can become more authentic and rich. My process called the "free to feel" experience has been a culmination of many years learning how to allow space for moments to occur. This experience creates photographs that are true to life. But space is not the only aspect to creating authentic moments, feeling known is also very important. When the couple feels known, they can truly be themselves when around me because of trust. It's my goal to bring out the best in you and invite you to show your true colors. When that happens, the photographs ACTUALLY feel like you and TRULY represent your relationship. If that excites you and I am speaking your language, click here to contact me to get the conversation started.

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My first career was a firefighter / paramedic, I did that for 8 years before turning in my bunker coat. No I did not pose for any calendars.


I used to photograph private jets. I even flew to California to photograph the Sketchers shoe companies jet!


I love the outdoors and backpacking in the mountains. I have a goal to one day hike the entire Appalachian Trail!


I found photography through a hard time in my life to help me escape from it. I photographed aircraft at the airport for fun! I can just about identify any plane now, even by sound.


You ready to

feel that you can trust your photographer
on your wedding day?

After photographing over 150 weddings, I began to notice a trend in the wedding industry. Overly planned weddings. That might sound like a good thing, but in reality it just creates more stress for the couple. Let me explain.

Imagine your dream wedding, then imagine fitting that wedding in a checklist. Doesn't work right? Now imagine your dream wedding with time to lean into each moment and the space to be yourself? How do you think that wedding would feel? It would feel real, it would feel like YOUR wedding. That's where we come in by creating an environment that is free for you to be who you are and express deeply. My goal is for you to show up to your wedding, take a deep breath, and live.

I'd love to experience that!

Curiosity started it all; fascination with flight and asking myself the question, “how?” I began studying and decided to go to the airport and watch planes fly. Appreciating every take off and landing, realizing the marvel that I was watching. On this trip I decided to borrow my mom’s camera and take some photographs of planes. 
At that moment I realized that I was a photographer.


After about a year taking photographs as a hobby, I was asked to photograph two weddings (on the same day). Crazily I said yes. I never thought I wanted to be a wedding photographer… until I photographed one. I witnessed what my images meant to my couples, how it gave them warmth and life. Oh and by the way, the weddings went flawless and the photographs were great!


7 years later and 200+ weddings photographed. I can truly say that I am a wedding photographer. I have been lucky enough to photograph some of the worlds most caring and wonderful people. I am thankful that they were brought into my life. Oh and we moved to upstate NY from Texas. Crazy right? 



Elizabeth + Michael

He has a special way of delivering your photographs to you that will make you feel like you are reliving your day all over again. Every time I look at our photographs I cry, they are beautiful, unique and everyone agrees they are breath taking!

Paige + Lucio

Blake is probably one of the best humans I have ever met. Not only is he kind, understanding, compassionate and tons of fun, but he is the most talented wedding photographer out there!

Annie + Robert

Blake exceeded every expectation we had and we are over the moon with his service, professionalism, quality, communication, and results! Blake made us comfortable throughout the day, capturing moments that perfectly highlight who we are as a couple.

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